"If you like the heavy, plucked western electric guitar leitmotif that has reached even Lana Del Rey's recorded music, you're in the right place. Galloway's new song "Our Due Time" off of his most recent record Cross Currents is of the darker strand of country music that inspired this curmudegon-esque tone and texture. Galloway's voice is warm and smooth, but the timbre is even lovelier when sung in harmony. There are some really cool, funky instrumental breakdowns in place of a vocal bridge, featuring piano, bass and a groovy synth solo, which are the hidden gems in the song. "Our Due Time" is tastefully sprinkled with these bits of ear candy, and the instrumental moments are just as important as the sections with vocals. Galloway clearly has his own take on country/bluegrass, and we're here for it" 

-Geena Kloeppel - The Deli Magazine

‚Äč"Galloway has been a staple in the southeastern music scene over the past decade. While many know Galloway as the frontman of rock bands Mama's Love and Maradeen, his latest work portrays a fresh yet diverse look into the artist's catalog...Combining the sounds of americana, alt-country, and southern rock, Cross Currents provides a tasteful blend of nostalgic, conspicuous tracks that make for an excellent listen from start to finish" - Live & Listen 

"The music sounds free, open and vast...Rock oriented but steeped heavily in Americana... Take for instance the opener 'Wild Bird'...

The song is simultaneously warm, nostalgic and joyful." - Divide & Conquer

"Galloway recently released Cross Currents, an eight song project featuring melodic hooks and captivating lyrics." - The Daily Country 

"Drawing from the penmanship of writers such as Robert Hunter, I look forward to witnessing the growth of this songwriter" -Flagpole Magazine

"Right away you sense the comfort of a southern twang without being overbearingly country...mixed with creative riffs and poetic lyrics" - BreakThru Radio

"Good melodies with smooth, yet smoky vocals" - Music News Nashville