Deadwood Special

Something evil in the Black Hills

Whispered words of a reckoning day

Pistols loaded ready to kill

Deadwood Special's what they say

Death trip to Deadwood

One-Eyed Jack rode into town

Nobody looked him in his face

Silence was the only sound

'Til he heard his victim's names

Wild Bill and Calamity Jane

Stumbled from the gamblin' bar

Triggers hammered shots sustained

Jack lit up his last cigar

Death trip to Deadwood

Blackbirds singin for the ones who died

Bill and Jane in a pool of blood

The cowboy said an eye for an eye

Townfolk gathered quick to judge

They hung Jack by the railroad

One-eyed smiling with an ace in hand

The bare wind burned his face to bone

His remnants rest in the grains of sand

Echoing shots in the Black Hills

Remind me of that reckoning day

Pistols emptied blood was spilled

Deadwood Special's what they say

Death trip to Deadwood


Cool water, currents movin

As you're risin from the underground spring

So many cascading colors

Capture my vision

Make me feel free

Two streams, converging

Form a river to the sea

Your stream moves a little bit faster 

Than I'm use to

But that's fine by me

Well I was born in shallow water

Baptized by my father's hands

Now I tread in troubled water

But when my time comes

I'll be a clean man

Smooth stone, polished for centuries

Hidden in mystery by the river grime

Untouched by the hands of man

Crafted in the sand

By the hands of time

Well I was born in shallow water

Baptized by my father's hands

Now I tread in muddy water

But when my time comes

I'll be a clean man

I'll be a clean man

Kingdom of Love

I’ve been lookin to know myself,
I’ve been lookin to find someone
I’ve been lookin to know myself,
I’ve been lookin to find someone
I’ve been lookin for the keys to the kingdom
I’ve been fiendin for, cryin for, and searching all my life
I’ve been lookin for the door to freedom
I’ll step outside, breathe it in andI’ll never let it die
Never let it die

And it won’t be long
No it won’t be long
‘Til I come to my Kingdom of Love
It’ll be forever
When I come into my Kingdom of Love
Don’t make me wait forever

You’ve been lookin to find yourself
You’ve been lookin to know someone
You’ve been lookin to know yourself
I know you’ve been lookin to find someone
You’ve been lookin for the keys to the kingdom
Been denied, you’re dead inside, and you fell along the way
I’ve been lookin deep down in your eyes
When my time arrives and my kingdom’s here to stay
I’ll take away your pain

Blackberry Mountain

When I arrived upon Blackberry Mountain

I left my old life behind
I’ve been this way before, never on my own before
Meet you on the other side

If I could know how the future winds blow
Would I like what I find
A family maybe, underneath a dogwood tree
Livin a good kind of life

But don’t you know that I’m gone
And I ain’t coming back for a long time
Don’t you know that I’m gone
And I ain’t coming back for a long time

The seasons turn and it makes you learn
Someday the leaves must let go
Except the Evergreens on Blackberry Mountain
God said let them grow

When my life ends I’ll be back here again
Just like when I was a child
Maybe I’m high above Blackberry Mountain
Or swimming in the Cartecay a while

Featured Lyrics

A collection of favorites written over the past years, from the recent single releases, Maradeen, Mama's Love, Full Moon Fiction, and The Blackberry Mountain Demos. Full songs streaming from the Discography page.

Wake Up Woes

I left home the other day

Find a place to lay my unborn claim

Tried to walk with my feet

Draggin miles behind me while I'm laggin on the street

Well I had a little much last night

But at the time I thought I mixed it up alright

You know I've felt the rise and fall

But now I feel like I am barely two feet tall

Sore in the morning

Friendly in the night

Ride that rhythm slowly

Make me feel alright

I met the girl the other day

Downtown in the bar, she was looking my way

She left before I caught her name

Ran for her but my legs went good and lame

Had to stop to rest my feet

Rocking chair feels better when your body's good and beat

But on my mind, that little girl

Weighing me down like the weight of the world

Sore in the morning

That means you done it good

Left my mind a'soaring

Just like I knew you could

I awoke the other day

Didn't know exactly whose bed I lay

Poison crushed my memory

He that lies with dogs will wake up with those fleas

So I swore it off for one last time

But the bottle found my hand around half past nine

I guess that's how it goes for those

Livin for the night time and those wake up woes

Mournful, TX

Low county, hot July day

On the steps of an old shack off the panhandle

My Daddy, he tried to teach me

That you hold the strongest heart when the moon is full 

Oh buddy, you know the town is wicked

Judge Jones is known to pardon his family

And Ol’ Henry, he was a two-time sinner

But he wasn’t as damned as the authority

Mournful, Texas

Top dollar at the county line

Mournful, Texas

How can I get yours if I can’t get mine 

Miss Martha, she had a baby

But she never claimed to have a man

And there were many, many people talkin’

But that’s what you get nine miles from sin

Well I left ol’ Mournful, TX

Hear the wagon wheels move so slow

And remember, on the steps that mornin’

Heard my Daddy weep as he played on his banjo

Cryptic Coalmine

Listen here baby gonna make it known

Leavin' this coal mine headed for home

But it’s hard to run with a ball and chain

Nine pound hammer feels just the same     

Leavin me lonely, lonely, lonely, so lonely 

Well I came across a diamond shine

The kind of rock that you hope to find

The foreman also caught the gleam

So I buried him with my TNT 

Leavin him lonely, lonely, lonely, so lonely

Cryptic Coalmine 

Ain’t no time, ain’t no time for sleepin              

Gonna wake up early mornin’              

And I’m gonna be weepin

Cryptic Coalmine

The money that I make is not for keepin

The repo man I owe a big ol’ heapin’ 

Send this last letter to my rider

Mail it off in the air to find her

It’s hard to run as a wanted man  

With that nine-pound diamond in my hand 

Still leavin me lonely, lonely, lonely, so lonely


I don’t know when I’m leavin’ here tomorrow

I might just run around two

I can’t work this coalmine much longer, my darlin’

And I can’t stand missin’ you

Once the sun goes down you know I’m comin’

I’ll shoot off past the mines from which I’m used

I’ll meet you down the mountain from which I’m burdened

Cause I can’t stand missin’ you

And I’m headed for a workingman’s grave

If that big boss man were to have his way

But this big ol' diamond's sure to pay my dues

And I can’t stand missin’ you

Texas Truck-Stop Boogie

Travelin man, born in the wind

My mama was a saint but my daddy was sin

Grew up sad in San Antone

Abandoned me on down in Mexico

Lookin back as I ride down the road

Future so bright but the past so cold

I keep warm in the Texas sun

The freightline engine on which I run

Low down ridin' on the Lone Star Express

Low down ridin' around on the red-eye roadway

Low down ridin' on the Lone Star Express

Low down ridin' alone on the red-eye roadway

Texas Truck-Stop Boogie

Texas Truck-Stop Boogie for my baby

Texas Truck-Stop Boogie

Boogie on a Saturday night

Then find your wheels and ride

Wanted man, broke the jail

Tied my truck to the prison rails

Hit the pedal when the time was right

Busted out for my freedom ride

Shiftin gears for the heavy load

T-Bone's callin on the radio

Sheriff's catchin up from behind

Pushin past the Oklahoma line

Pistons flow like the Rio Grande

Baddest hum in that Texas land

I need fuel to feed my soul

Hit the double lines on the red-eye road

Home is where you feel alive

I get my kicks on the low down ride

But I can hear my baby call

Boogie back up to Witchita

Beyond the Divide

Come and rest beside my firelight

It’s been low before in the cold bitter times

But I have fed the flame for such a long time

And I have brought it here

All the way from the Great Divide

Sometimes it breaks down inside 

I’ve seen hard times

I come from the Great Divide

And I’ve seen hard times

I come from the Great Divide 

I recall the day we said goodbye

I stood alone that day, unsure of which road to ride

But I have looked beyond the fear and pain inside

There’s much more I know

Away from the Great Divide

Sometimes it tears you up inside 

But no longer will I be waiting

There is no time for stopping now

No longer will I be waiting

There is no time to turn around

And I feel free again, but I had to let go of it all

And I feel free again, but I had to let go of it all

Take it or Leave it

Take it or leave it

But don't mistreat it, she said

Either love me or leave me alone

Well if you want it, you got it

Don't wanna talk about it no more

I'm hangin up my telephone

Well I wish I could be 

How she wants me to be

She can't stand my carefree arrogant ways

Try to make up my mind 

But I don't know what to say

Don't like to be told where to stay

Woah yea, take it or leave it

Move it or lose it

It's all in the way that you use it

I'm inlcined to tell her goodbye

Well love it or hate it

It doesn't bother me anymore

Don't give a damn about watching her cry

She'll have her answer yea

In a matter of time

It'll be a while before I settle down for good

Try to tell her how it is but she misunderstood

Killer on the Edge of Town

Outside on the edge of town

There's a man walkin' round with a gun in his hand

Cool wind seems to settle down

Each step turns hot with the sun and the sand

He don't like to talk to no one

Does his talkin with his gun

Say goodnight, sleep forever

There's a killer on the edge of town

Voices tellin him in his head

A man should be dead down in that town

Bound to drown in a sea of red

Started out quiet now they're screamin loud

He don't care if it's for nothin

It's only over when it's done

Say goodnight, sleep forever

There's a killer on the edge of town

No need to worry

It's almost over

This won't take too long

There's a killer on the edge of town

One More for the Road

One more for the road, my friend, my friend

I've gotta get to where I've gotta go

I don't know when I'll see you again

I've got a strong foot pushin on the pedal

But my wheels are movin slow

One more for the road before I go

When I was a young man

I had no place to call my home

I was lost until I heard

My future on the radio

I bought an old guitar, beat up car

Told myself I could be a star

But that midnight road is all I've ever known

I've got the diesel wound up 

And she's hummin like a sweet machine

Better pour me one more cup

Or I tend to get mean

The money that we make tonight

Is gonna get us to the next show

And this gypsy life we lead is all we know

Like A River

Well I've thought a long time about the road I'm on

Cheatin bypasses and ways I've went wrong

Now I'm still singin' that highway song

Gotta sing it like you want it cause it doesn't last long

Found me in the backroom grindin my teeth

Tin cup full of wine and an old white key

She had a song of her own and she sang it to me

Then we wound up singin in harmony

Said she'd be true, I know that she will

Loves me like a river rollin over the hill

Said she'd be true, this I know

Loves me like a river rollin over my soul

Well she don't give a damn and she don't give a dime

For any other man tryin to buy her time

I don't ask much but she do what she can

To let me know that I'm her man

Back on the highway the same ol' tune

And I won't get back 'til the middle of June

When the hickory's grown then it won't be long

I'll pick you up baby and settle you strong

Tears of Rain

Wake up late, I've got nothing to do

My room is dark and cold

Tears of rain are crying against my roof

I'll stay inside as the day unfolds

Had too much to drink again last night

And I've got nothing to show

Spendin all my money but I feel alright

Pass the time just looking out my window

Sunday morning take away my pain

Wash away this weekend shame

Tears of rain, fallin down, tears of rain

Tomorrow I'll be okay

And today I won't complain

Through tears of rain

Watch her pull up in the driveway

She's running from her car

She keeps on acting like she might stay

But when she leaves she never gets too far

Sunday woman take away my pain

Hold me close and whisper my name