• Wild Bird4:45
  • Like A River3:50
  • Killer On The Edge Of Town4:02
  • Mercy of Your Mood5:16
  • Tears Of Rain5:31
  • Take It Or Leave It4:30
  • One More For The Road3:39
  • Beyond the Divide0:00
  • Downstream0:00
  • Wake Up Woes6:00
  • Texas Truck-Stop Boogie6:36
  • Deadwood Special0:00
  • Mournful, TX3:58
  • Cryptic Coalmine3:37
  • Blackberry Mountain5:06

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Copyright 2015. Tom Galloway. All Rights Reserved. Promotional photos by Billy Grimes

Born in Georgia, raised in Texas, currently writing songs in Nashville, Tennessee, Galloway combines roots of folk, bluegrass, classic country and rock, to form a unique blend of expression and storytelling. Developing his craft for years, strong hooks and captivating lyrics have been the mission.